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    Date and price of minting

    No Discord. There is no roadmap. There is no CCO utility. Nothing but money!. Presale price -20 Matic. ($10). Subscribe, retweet and like, send your wallet number in the message. And you automatically get into WL. Public sale price 40 Matic ($20). Date and time of minting will be announced on Twitter. Suddenly! No advance information. Follow the messages on twitter!

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    All 100% royalty (set at 10%) will be drawn weekly by a random number generator among NFT holders. Click the "Royalty Draw" button at the top of the site to view the results of the drawings.

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    $10,000 draw

    With a 100% sale of the SlekClub collection , 10 NFT holders will receive $1,000 worth of Matic in their wallet. The winning numbers nft (1-4444) will be announced on twitter immediately after the sale of the collection. There will be no discord. All interactions only through twitter!

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    Passive income

    Click on the button "Royalty Draw" and you will be taken to the lottery website where you can check your winnings by entering your wallet number.You always win, sooner or later .The lottery contract algorithm is designed in such a way that there are no losers. Cryptocurrency is credited to your wallet instantly on the day of the draw. Lay on the beach, drink a cocktail of fresh fruit and earn!

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Snow Leopard Kids Club (SLEKCLUBNFT) 

All Snow Leopard Kids Club owners will become millionaires ! How do you like it ? 

 You help save the snow leopard from complete extermination, and in gratitude for this, the snow leopard turns you into a real millionaire. Charity should be rewarded! This is how the snow leopard thinks, and so do we.  

How to get rich by becoming a member of SLEKCLUBNFT ? Very simple . No promises other than money. Every week drawing of all 100% royalties among NFT holders. Every week 200 holders receive their profit. No merchandise, no metaverse, no games. Only money !  

Royalty is set at 10%. And all 100% royalties are drawn every week using a random number generator. The date and time of the draw is to be confirmed. Every week at the same time and on the same day of the week. Everyone wins !  

Click on the link at the top of the "Royalty Draw" site and see the results of the draw. If you don't win, don't worry. Your week will come and you will receive your profit. Sooner or later.  


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    4444 unique SLEKCLUBNFT

    Each SLEKCLUBNFT is generated automatically by combining 170 traits. To hell with promises about the metaverse, parties, merch and games. Only money! Buying skekclubnft you earn immediately after the mint and thereby save the snow leopard from extinction. Surprisingly, but it is.
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    The founder will donate 20% of the proceeds to the Snow Leopard Save Fund -SNOW LEOPARD TRUST. Read here: https://snow
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    And, of course, the owners of unique NFTs will be rewarded. We are thinking of an opportunity to encourage such lucky ones.




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